Hi, I'm Jeremy.
I'm a Web Developer based in Perth, Western Australia.

I enjoy creating things that make the web a better place. With the web and it's capabilities rapidly expanding, we as developers are obligated to use technology to have a positive impact on society.

I can help with everything from Accessibility to User Experience and everything in between.

(new site is on the way...)


More people than ever are online these days. Shopping, researching, emailing, asking questions, looking at your site. But can everybody use your site? Let's check. Accessibility has long been treated as a feature when it should be the the baseline.


Is your site secure?
with a growing (rightful) concern with users over privacy. It's in their best interest and your that you are using their information correctly and storing it securely. Are you?


Need a site built? an app? a web app? an email template? How about a refresh or a new widget for your CMS? Lets talk.

User Experience.

Does using your site frustrate you? does it frustrate your users? We can review and provide suggestions based on best practices to keep your users happy, and just as importantly, on your site.


Need some design before you get a site signed off? Want to know what a pretty new feature might look like on your existing site? we got you! flick me an email

if you're interested in anything listed above, or anything you can dream of, feel free to get in touch. I am more than happy to help where I can whether it be design, audit/review, build, R&D or whatever you may need.