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WordPress Care

WordPress Maintenance

Is your WordPress site getting the care it Needs?

Like a car your WordPress site needs constant maintenance to keep it up to speed and secure.
Without updating plugins, themes and the WordPress core you are leaving your site open to
hackers who want to steal details from your user base OR just cause headaches for the fun of it.
It can also lead to your site slowing down and driving your users away, we combat this with keeping
your site up to date and with optimisation of your database. Preventing it from becoming slow and bloated.

This is one of the most overlooked things regarding WordPress sites and unfortunately it is one of
the most important. Regularly backing up and maintaining a WordPress site can be easily forgotten
and time consuming. This is where I come in. Starting from $49 a month I’ll be giving you peace of mind
when it comes to your site.

for just $49 a month you will get

Annual Security check

Monthly Backup up of Database and Site (options for more frequent updates available).

Monthly Database Optimisation.

Weekly check & update of Plugins.

Weekly check & update of WordPress Core.

just email jeremy@jpittard.net and we will get the ball rolling to keeping your WordPress site cared for


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