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5 tools to help keep you on track

productivity toolsWith all the distractions that access to the internet brings these days its pretty common for some people to get distracted. I’m sure we have all experienced it and working from a computer definitely doesn’t make it easier. So here are my favourite things to help keep me on track.

Momentum chrome extension

This extension is great, it basically takes over your “new tab” when you open one in chrome and displays a random scenic photograph with the time. Directly under the time there is a space for you to enter what your main goal for today is (which you check off once done). To the right it displays a to do list which you can add to. It also displays an inspirational quote and the weather if you want it to.

Second Screen

For me this is an absolute must have. It helps when I am looking up how to do certain things and can just send the instructions over to that screen and work off my main one. I generally just put a momentum tab up on there as well to make it nice and easy to add to my to do list.


A chat application created for teams who work together. Free from distractions and super easy to use. It allows you to pin important posts and hold discussions at any time with your other team members.


Another chrome extension. I sometimes come across stuff that won’t help me in my task at hand but I would like to learn. Rather than get distracted I just right click “Save to Pocket” and then the link is saved on my pocket account. I also have my Pocket list as one of the tabs that auto opens when I run chrome so I can go over it all easily whenever I want.

Taking a break!

I know right? sounds lazy? but when take a legitimate break it is proven that you are more productive. Even if its just 2 mins to go get a coffee and sit back down. Clear your mind on your journey to that delicious coffee and sit back down refreshed, ready to smash your task.


Bonus! – Coffee!

simple pleasures right? a good coffee calms the soul, makes some people less murderous in the morning. Murder charges and police presence make it a little hard to remain productive.


so there you have it. Give them a try and see how you go!



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