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SEO is not an exact science, google  continuously changes its algorithm that ranks websites. There are hundreds of factors that will rank you up in their listings and that is why there are permanent jobs that just focus on a sites SEO.

A friend of mine recently told me about his “SEO guy” that he was paying upwards of $1000 a month to up.  “SEO guy” was guaranteeing page 1 results because he was using all of the right “keywords”. To his dismay, my  friends SEO showed no improvement after more than a year of investing. If anyone makes this claim to you, turn and run. Not only has google ignored the keywords meta tag for years now it actually puts negative points against your site. At the beginning of the decade keywords were great, they categorised everything and made for convenient search. However people took advantage of this and started using keywords that weren’t relevant to the site so it would appear in more searches. So google decided that because some people can’t play nicely with their toys, no one can.

The most simple way too look at SEO is to break it down into 2 parts, Optimisation and Authority.


Optimisation is just as it suggests, the optimising your site so that it is as google friendly as it can be. Which includes relevant content, alt-tags on images and a lot more. Most of this sort of thing is done while building a site and a good developer will build with this in mind.


Authority is a little more fiddly, it’s making sure you’re content is great! the better your content, the more people share your site. The more people share your site, the higher google will rank you. So make your content easy to read and content rich, it’s a fine balance but it is the most important.

Hopefully that clears up SEO a little bit for you. if you would like your site checked to see if the building blocks are in place for good SEO feel free to email me.


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